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Budokai Duels [Now Accepting Challenges!]

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 7, 2009, 7:13 PM

Here you will find a list of past awaiting challengers, pending fights, and past battles!

Once you've got your Fan Character settled and submitted, you are permitted to challenge other fan characters! One must do so by commenting on this journal!

Members may insert a comment saying that his/her fan character is looking for a challenge. Whoever wants to accept the challenge replies to that comment, or can send the Club a Note accepting the challenge. Only first replies get accepted for the challenge, unless the one who offered the challenge declines.

Rules for Duels and Battle Royals are posted on the Rules Page,
which can be found here:…

Awaiting Challenges

Character: Character Bio: Scar by Budokai by Xicer606
Battle/Location/Power Level: TBA

Character: Character Bio: Niono by Budokai by negathus
Battle Type: Battle Royal OR Long Duel
Location: Destroyed Earth City
Power Level: 2-3
Notes: Niono will ONLY fight Saiyajins.

Character: Character Bio: Kurumin by Budokai by SuperBooney
Battle Type: Battle Royal
Location: Above the Budokai Ring
Power Level: 2 (or Below)

Pending Battles
[No Pending Battles]

Inactive Duels

Ended Duels
Artichok vs Chohan -… -(Canceled by Artichok's owner. Winner: Chohan by Default.)
Bane vs. Michiel -… - (Canceled by Bane's owner. Winner: Michiel by Default.)
Shikyo vs. Kiapolo -… -  (Canceled by Shikyo's owner. Winner: Kiapolo by Default.)
Dawn vs. Jagaimo -… -  (Canceled by Dawn's owner. Winner: Jagaimo by Default.)
Kasius vs Brollarotto -… -  (Time limit exceeded by Brollarotto's owner. Winner: Kasius by Default.)
Rianna vs Ace -… -  (Time limit exceeded by Ace's owner. Winner: Rianna by Default.)
Brenna vs Charwin -… -  (Canceled by Brenna's owner. Winner: Charwin by Default.)
Sleth vs. Kaison -… - (Canceled by Kaison's owner. Winner: Sleth by Default.)
Dom Vs. Carmen… - (Canceled by Dom's owner.  Winner: Carmen by Default.)
Rage vs. Kuregari -… -(Canceled by both owners.  Winner: Draw.)
Zeke vs Vegetiz -… - (Time Limit Exceeded. Winner: Vegetiz by default.)

Battle Royales
Artichok vs Reborn Broly -… -

Toutou Vs. Robby -… -

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