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Events [Updated!]

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2009, 6:24 PM

All future tournaments and contest information will be placed here, as well as ongoing Budokai Quests and Sagas.

Information that shall be presented will be (not necessarily in this order):

-Rules for the Event
-Length of Event (start and finish dates)
-Submissions by members to each event well as other information that comes to us.

Budokai Sagas

The Son of Gero, Part I:

The Budokai Fighters became aware of a mysterious being that watched their every move, and yet made no attempt to attack or interact in any way at all...
He simply... watched.

While some ignored this invasion of their privacy, others took offense- and immediately attacked! Those who engaged the small android in combat found that it was not an enemy to be taken lightly... Though he gave off no ‘ki’ energy signature and used minimal attacks, he was also exceptionally resistant to any kind of damage.

When it came to blows, the battles were short- and as mysteriously and quickly as the android had appeared, he was gone...

DSK Response to Android by dskemmanuelSword Response to Android by dskemmanuel
RoSohryu Budokai Club entry by RoSohryuChase by Gamewiz234Jedi Master Tank vs BudokaiGuy by RBL-M1A2Tanker Showdown- Budokai by negathus
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The Son of Gero, Part II:

A short time after the run-in with the mysterious android spy, the Budokai Fighters had returned to business as usual. Some went to their training, and others returned to their battles  with the never-ending line of opponents.
Regardless of how the Fighters had chosen to spend their time, they were again interrupted by an android foe- but this time the androids were replicas of the Fighters themselves!
Unlike the android spy, these new adversaries were immediately aggressive, showing that they could almost perfectly mirror the movements and attacks of the Fighters they were copied from.
After some intense clashes, the Fighters eventually won the day, and each had either sent the android copies packing, or straight to the scrap heap!

This was the second android attack, and those with knowledge of the past were reminded of the fabled scientist and robotic mastermind, Dr. Gero... And they new knew that this was not over.

What was Gero’s connection to these recent events, and what would come next...?

DSK versus the clone by dskemmanuel
Cannock-Good an Evil by RoSohryuGood Vs. Evil: Kuragari by ksshukunThe fight of good and evil by angersArt Jam - Flow on Flow by slaXor86Budokai AJ2 Page1 by FallenAngelSefraBudokai AJ2 Page2 by FallenAngelSefraAkanma vs Evil Akanma by RBL-M1A2TankerSon of Gero- Part 1: Iscer by negathusBudokai Battle 2- Pt2 by negathus
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