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:iconrbl-m1a2tanker:  - Please excuse the dust as we try to smooth things out for everyone involved.  There's going to be much simplifying going on, and people can join without waiting for approval now.  There will be a more in-depth post in the near future.

Update: If you want to submit a character into the different race categories, they need to be made using this template:…

But if you want to update full sized images and such, those go into the Original Character Images category.  Do NOT submit a non-template style image to the other categories.  They WILL be denied.

As a reminder, if you wish to be a member of Budokai and to submit images, you will need to go to the front of the Budokai page and select the "request to be a member" button.  If that button is NOT showing, please let us know, so we can either figure out what's up with it, or, failing that, submit a ticket to get it corrected.  You will no longer need to send us a note to join the club.  

Definite plus, don't you think? :)


Purpose: A DragonBall Z Budokai Club where artists can draw their own Fan Characters or Original Characters to Battle against other artist's creations. This Club will hold tournaments and Battles for any DBZ-related character. Looking for a Challenge? Visit the Forum where you can Find opponents to fight against. Watch the entries of the battles and vote for your favorite character to win. Voting done in comments, no need to send notes. Welcome to the DBZ Budokai Club!

Any questions, comments, complaints or suggestions, please contact negathus.

Although the name is Budokai, this club is NOT about the game, though comments and stuff about it are acceptable. Please read the rules before joining.




This club was founded by Fonzu to allow artists with strong characters a chance to meet others and battle each other in a manner much like that of VOID.
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